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The Primemovers process is a customized, facilitated discipleship program tailored to the unique life circumstances of proven leaders. The Primemovers process is built around six key life dynamics:

  1. God must work deeply in us before He can work significantly through us
  2. God prepares and calls regular people to meet critical needs in His world
  3. Accurate personal assessment requires the help of trusted friends
  4. A workable plan is key to becoming operational around God’s purpose for our life
  5. Rigorous life management will be required in order to implement our calling
  6. Facilitated group interaction combined with authentic peer relationships accelerates the discipleship process


The Primemovers process consists of a Kickoff Event followed by five sessions.

The Kickoff Event serves as an immersion into the theology and the practice of discovering and living out one’s destiny. This event is held over two half-days and requires approximately 6-8 hours of preparation.

The remaining sessions are each a half-day and are convened at a mutually inclusive time for the group members. They are designed to take a deeper dive into the framework built during the Kickoff Event. Each session requires 4-6 hours of preparation.

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