Our Mission

The Mission of Primemovers is to activate leaders of influence to live out their Holy Ambition for exponential Kingdom impact.

Our Vision

The vision of Primemovers is to activate thousands of leaders who are significantly influencing the social, spiritual, business, government and educational sectors of society as they live out their true life’s calling.

Our Story

Primemovers offers a customized, facilitated discipleship process that activates proven leaders into their God-prepared purpose in life.

Primemovers understands the aggregate of one’s life experience to be God’s careful and intentional preparation so that they may be able to respond and step into their true life purpose.

Primemovers was created in answer to this question:

Believing that our generation contains potentially the most productive group of leaders in the history of the Church, we asked, “What might happen if we were able to unleash the immense latent human potential in those of our generation with whom God has entrusted 5 talents?”

View this personal invitation to explore Primemovers from our founder and teaching pastor, Chip Ingram, CEO of Living on the Edge.


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