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Primemovers is a six session, facilitated discovery process for proven leaders. It is designed to reveal God’s unique dream for your life with fresh vision and clarity. Our process combines directed personal study with six sessions with a small group of peers, led by a facilitator, who will encourage, challenge, and ultimately help equip you to live out the call of God on your life.

Our Mission

The Mission of Primemovers is to activate leaders of high influence to live out their Holy Ambition for exponential Kingdom impact.

Our Vision

The vision of Primemovers is to activate thousands of leaders who are significantly influencing the social, spiritual, business, government and educational sectors of society as they live out their true life’s calling.

What is Unique About Primemovers?

Primemovers combines six real-life dynamics into a discipleship process with a small group of your peers that is customized toward the unique needs of leaders of influence. You will discover God’s answers to the following key questions:

Why Am I Here?
What Am I Supposed To Do?
How Will I Get It Done?

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