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God has a unique calling somewhere in His world that has your name on it. It’s something that He had in mind when He created you—something that only you can do. Primemovers calls this your Holy Ambition. We invite you to discover your Holy Ambition through the ministry of Primemovers.


Primemovers is a program designed to help you discover, clarify and launch into your Holy Ambition. Because you are a proven leader, we believe that God has uniquely prepared you for a strategic and highly-leveraged Kingdom role. Primemovers will set the stage for you to live out the next season of life focused upon your God-prepared calling.

Program Overview

Primemovers is a six-session, facilitated discovery process for proven leaders designed to reveal God’s unique dream for your life. Our process combines directed personal study plus monthly sessions with a small group of peers who will encourage, challenge, and ultimately help equip you to live out the call of God on your life.

The Primemovers program begins with a Kickoff Event held over two half-days, followed by five, four-hour sessions that are scheduled at a time that works for the group. Each group is comprised of five or six peers and is led by a trained Primemovers facilitator. A program fee covers the cost of the resource materials, Kickoff Event expenses, and administrative support.

The Program Experience

The program consists of six facilitated sessions with a small group that will focus on these key themes:

  • My Core The process begins with a customized 24-hour kickoff event (over two half days) that helps clarify your personal life calling by interacting with three core questions:  Why am I here?  What am I supposed to do?  How will I get it done?
  • Surrender God’s biggest and best blessings flow through the life that is surrendered.
  • Transformation God must work deeply in me before He can work significantly through me.
  • Divine Design Bringing clarity to my God-sized dream by maximizing my skills, gifts, passions, experience and capacity.
  • Personal Alignment Creating enough capacity in my life so that I can pursue my unique calling.
  • Execution Strategy & Finishing Well Translating my Holy Ambition into a working plan and building the right team to help me complete my Holy Ambition.

Am I Ready for Primemovers?

Primemovers are leaders of influence with God-softened hearts who bring proven experience to God-sized opportunities. The successful Primemovers candidate will exhibit one and often more of the following characteristics.

Leader – Has started, built or led something with observable success

Capacity – Has gifts, talents, resources, and margin

Influence – Brings others with them when solving and achieving

Relational Skills – Has a pool of proven relationships

Impact – Possesses a desire to maximize the impact of their life and is a natural multiplier

Ready – For a spiritual challenge

  • Has an awareness of and/or a restlessness concerning God’s highest and best use of their life
  • Has a willingness and the capacity to act now

Kingdom Impact Success Stories

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Ready to join our next group?

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